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Why seek counselling with us?

It is so important for you to find a good fit with a therapist - whether it is me or someone else. Research has shown that a good therapist fit makes counselling 30% more effective and is a top indicator that therapy will be successful.  I invite you to think about what a good fit would look like for you considering your various life factors. Here are some of the reasons why my clients decide to work with me: 

  • People want to seek a therapist who is a specialist in the challenge they are facing.

  • Most of them have felt isolated for a long time and want a place where they can truly feel seen and heard without judgement 

  • They have had bad experiences with other therapists and want to try again. 

  • They are interested in someone who works with complex trauma and intense emotions.

  • They work full time are are looking for evening availability on weekdays between 5pm-8:30pm, or on weekends.

  • They want to avoid commute and want virtual counselling at the comfort of their own home.

  • They trust our rigorous trainings. 

  • Our work does not just involve in quick fixes, but treating the root cause of the problem that is causing dysfunction in your life.

  • People of all cultures and ethnicities feel at home

  • Finally: like our name, they see that we truly want them to Thrive!

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