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My Approach

My approach to counselling is to create a comfortable and empathetic space for my clients. Together, I help you explore your emotions and current situation. I help you find and heal the root cause of the problem which is causing dysfunction in your life. 

Even if you are new to counselling, I will guide you and support you to work through intense emotions and challenging life circumstances so that they become more manageable, and you feel confident in your abilities to navigate the difficulties you are experiencing.


When my clients complete the course of their counselling sessions, they tell me that they feel more empowered,  have a sense of direction in life and are able to feel strong enough to handle their challenging emotions. Most often, this results in better relationships, decrease in anxiety and stress.


Engaging in this type of work requires strength from clients, which I am honored to witness in my clients.

To gain in-depth understanding on my approach in these unique areas, please visit:

Individual Counselling:                      

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