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“No matter how much pain or dysfunction you have to deal with in your
life, every part of your psyche is doing its best to help you”

Dr. Jay Earley

Understanding the root cause in counselling

I specialize working with anxiety, depression, childhood trauma, experiences of toxic parents and narcissistic abuse. My approach as a therapist is to create a safe and collaborate space for you so that you can feel comfortable and respected. I take a de-pathologizing, and non-judgmental approach. This means that I don't believe there is something inherently wrong with you if you have anxiety or depression.  Together with you, I help you explore, and heal the root cause of your circumstances/events that cause anxiety, depression or trauma. I help you increase your toolbox of coping skills, so that you feel confident to manage your stressors. This results in people feeling empowered and heard. 

I also work with people working in leadership and high stress roles, such as doctors, directors, or nurses who have high level of burnout due to stress. I help them work with their emotions, perspectives and experience so that they can find ways to sustain their work-pressure.

Based on high demand, I offer sessions during weekday evenings and  weekends as well. 

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