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A step towards clarity, calm and self-empowerment

Usually, people who struggle feel alone and overwhelmed for a long time before they seek therapy.  I recognize the courage it takes for an individual to start their counselling journey. It is rarely easy to reach out and have difficult conversations, but I believe in the power of connection and safety in counselling practice which brings transformative experiences for clients. 

Providing warm and compassionate space which they might be lacking their lives, I support people who feel "stuck" and experience "big emotions". Many of the people I have worked with have learnt tools to confidently use coping skills to manage big emotions,  and not be so scared by them. As my clients start to feel better, they usually feel a sense of clarity, relief and empowerment and that they are not so controlled by their emotions.

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"Taking the first step towards counselling can be scary, but most rewarding experience contributing to self-empowerment and healing. Feeling heard, seen and understood is something we all long for. "

Image by Michael Dziedzic
Registered Clinical Counsellor
Clinical Director


Counsellor Surrey
Counsellor Vancouver
Counsellor Port Hardy
Counsellor Prince George
Counsellor Kelowna
Counsellor Nanaimo
Counsellor Victoria
Counsellor Comox Valley
Counsellor Comox
Counsellor Langley
trauma counsellor victoria
Counsellor white rock
trauma counsellor prince george

Together, I help you unpack your emotions and current situation. My work involves in helping you find and heal the root cause of what may be causing dysfunction in your life.


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