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“Most of the blaming (...) is a desperate attachment cry, a protest against disconnection. It can only be quieted by a lover moving emotionally close to hold and reassure. ”

Dr. Sue Johnson, Founder of EFT (Emotionally Focused Couples Counselling )

Couples Counselling
& My Approach

I specialize in couples therapy and have extensive training to work with couples.


My approach of working with couples is to help them change their ways of approaching, communicating about, and resolving conflict. Most couples that come to me are used to blaming each other and think "only if my partner could do XYZ, the problem will be resolved". However, this approach rarely works.

I help couples move away from blaming each other to working together as a unit against some of the problematic dynamic that might be going on. Underneath their anger, I believe that most couples want to stay happy and meet each other's needs.  However, there are many problematic dynamics that occur subconsciously between them which are the root cause of fights. In counselling, I help you to seek each other's help in joining hands to meet each other's needs, without judgement. 


Based on high demand, I offer counselling weekday evenings and weekends.

Learn more about low cost and regular fees options: 

Counsellor Surrey
Counsellor Vancouver
Counsellor Port Hardy
Counsellor Prince George
Counsellor Kelowna
Counsellor Nanaimo
Counsellor Victoria
Counsellor Comox Valley
Counsellor Comox
Counsellor Langley
trauma counsellor victoria
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