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What to expect in Counselling

It is very common for most people to feel nervous about counselling! Please know I will not push you, or ask you to share what you are not ready to talk about. ​When my clients are feeling nervous but still take action to reach out, I see this as a sign of your courage and strength. Most people begin to feel comfortable after their first appointment.


Below are some of the ideas that you may want to talk about in your Meet and Greet: 

  • What is counselling?

  • What is my approach or training in counselling?

  • Share with me what is going on for you

  • Together with me figure out/or make a plan on how counselling can help you feel better

  • If your previous experience with other therapist was unhelpful, tell me more about this so we can create a plan to make these sessions successful. 

  • Any hesitations, or questions you may have about me or counselling!


To book a 15 min Meet and Greet: 

nervous about counselling
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